Sex is and has always been a fascinating subject to reflect and especially anal sex, having the advantages and cons of it to climb the social ladder. Throughout my life, I found myself often fascinated by the different types of expression of sex. The many ways in which we show affection for others, slight touches. However, I always wonder why we want the things we want?
I have often wondered why and how anal sex practices have come about and how people make no exception. What makes people practice the kinds of sexual habits they actually make and like, or just pressure them?

History of anal sex
Anal sex and other forms of anal play are intercultural practices, they are certainly not a modern invention and have been around for some time now. Civilizations around the world seem to have used the anus as an object from which to obtain sexual pleasure. We can trace the history of anal sex back quite far, from the first civilization itself. There are pieces of surviving erotica that date back 4,000 years ago from ancient history, saying it has always been a source of pleasure, but now this history has begun to press people to do it?

While anal sex has always been an extremely popular fantasy, with the pros and cons existing in the minds of men everywhere. It becomes a much more popular practice in the west, thus becoming the new oral sex; Anal sex quickly becomes popular enough to be a basis in the sex life of many bedrooms, another common expression thrown into the general mixture of love.

Why is anal sex wanted?
Quite simply, men generally like to look at women, at the back, at the bottom, so it would make sense that they would generally like to touch them too. The anus is able to be sexualized as much as other things. Like breasts, legs, hair and other parts that people seem fascinated by a sexual way and want to touch.
Many men have reported that there is something “cruel” and “interesting” about anal sex that is not the same in vaginal sex. There is no possibility of a pregnancy resulting from anal sex, which could be a sufficient reason. However, this resonates with many men who consider it more primordial, only made for its pure pleasure, without even a hint of being anything more, nothing at all.
Some men report that being considered or thought of as a “forbidden fruit,” a fruit that tempts many to do so.

The mere fact that it is “wrong” is a powerful motivator only in the most biological way!
Privacy is as great an attraction for many people, both for women and men. When it comes to the anus, there is often a sense of hesitation and reservation, always. And by consenting to the anal game, it’s a way for many people to communicate to their partner that they are totally. One way to communicate that no single part of the body is out of bounds.

Power Dynamics
The potential for both pain and pleasure on behalf of the recipient of anal sex is naturally in a powerful way in the relationships of power games, dominant and submissive relationships, etc. For many recipients, pain is where magic is located. They like to submit to the pain to please their partners and actually leave it.
And some people just can’t achieve orgasm without the back being stimulated.
Anal sex, in a very different way, allows people to be vulnerable as if they’ve never been with each other before. And whether their partner commits to hurting them or not is something of their choice and pure desire.

Believe it or not, analingus, the oral-anal act of touching the anus with the tongue, is much more popular than real anal sex, yes, you haven’t seen that coming?
Analingus is popular for the same reasons is anal sex. In the sense that it is taboo, “ugly” and extremely intimate and preferable. It is a way for some partners to taste the essence of another, and for its practitioners, this is an extremely pleasant and daily practice.

For men, stimulates the prostate if done correctly and can lead to unparalleled pleasure. And for women, it is a nice way to enjoy the fruits of anal sex without the risk of pain involved and to get used slowly. Even after you know the pros and cons of anal sex.
Fingerplay is the least invasive and probably the least intimate, which is why it is the most preferred.

Love it or Hate It
When it comes to ALL forms of anal sex with its pros and cons, people have preferences. When men have not performed anal relationships, it is extremely unlikely to have engaged in another form of anal play. However, once they have, they want everything. It means there is a difference between those who love your ass and those who hate it. There are very few people who have actually tried a bit of anal play and haven’t gone for the whole package.
And having anal sex, stopping in the middle is never an option for some. What is a super heavy limit for some is a source of great pleasure for others. And like many things in life, it depends on the people involved in terms of their preferences.

Evolution of anal sex
In terms of anal sex, it is a pleasant activity that just happens to be a byproduct of our sexual needs. We are much more than replicating machines, we are human beings with desires and cravings, as couples see on small screens on xxx movies. With thoughts, feelings, ideas and we are able to get deeper experiences. And just because the has become and you’ve behaved regularly as an individual, you don’t have to be pressured to do it.
While anal sex with its existing advantages and cons is still very relegated to certain bedrooms. The growing popularity among heterosexual couples is undeniable. However, you are the one who decides what is pleasing to you and if it is not just something in which you have been pressed!